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Data Acquisition

LogTag TRIX-8 LogTag TRID30
LogTag HAXO-8
LogTag TRIX-8
LogTag TRID30
LogTag HAXO-8

Low cost - Multiuse - Temperature Data logger - USB download and
free software

Multiuse - Temperature logger - 30 Day Summary Display -
USB download and free software.

Low cost - Multiuse - Temperature
& Humidity data logger - USB download and free software.

LogTag TRIX-8 Price LogTag TRID30-7
LogTag HAXO-8 Price
Tempsen iTag 3 Pro
Tempsen Tempod M1
Tempsend iTag3 Pro

Temperature monitoring label with USB connector and on-board PDF generator, for single use

Single use temperature datalogger with automatic PDF generation

Multiuse PDF generating temperature datalogger

Tempsen iTag3 Pro Price Tempsen Tempod M1 Price
LogTag TICT Price
Fourier MicroLite II
TandD TR-702NW
TandD RTR-502

Multiuse temperature and humidity datalogger with PDF generation

 Multiuse external temperature NTC datalogger with PDF

Single use Cryo -80°C temperature logger with auto PDF generation

Fourier MicroLite II Price TandD TR-702NW Price
TandD RTR-502 Price

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