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Humidity and Temperature data loggers

Collecting relative humidity data is an important factor in many processes as the level of water content can have either a positive or negative effect on product.

In selecting your data logger you should pay careful consideration to the range, resolution, accuracy along with the physical constraints enforced by your application.

Among the products listed on LoggerShop you will find water resistant, high temperature and I.S certified data loggers, but if you need assistance, please do not hesitate to call we enjoy resolving your issues, it makes us feel clever!

Madgetech Humidity data loggers
101-110 Series Low Cost data loggers

101-110 Series Low Cost data loggers
Humidity data loggers housed in small ABS plastic case

1000 Series Rugged data loggers

1000 Series Rugged data loggers
Humidity, data loggers housed in aluminium or stainless steel case

2000 Series Display data loggers

2000 Series Display data loggers
Large display data loggers for collecting Humidity data

Micro Series data loggers
Micro Series data loggers
Miniature data loggers for Humidity data collection.

 Retriever Series data loggers

Retriever Series data loggers
Economical solution to non demanding Humidity recording applications

Transi Series data loggers

Transi Series data loggers
Humidity transport monitoring solutions.

Fourier Humidity data loggers
Fourier DataNet

DataNet - New
ZigBee wireless telemetry protocol, with 4 inputs for direct measurement.

Fourier MicroLogPRO II
MicroLogPRO II
10-Bit version of the compact data logger with higher sampling and memory and 4-digit LCD.




TandD Humidity data loggers
TandD RTR-5 Wireless data loggers

Wireless radio system
Waterproof, humidity data collection

TandD TR-7U USB data loggers

USB data logger
with large LCD display for humidity data collection

TandD RTR-7 Wireless Datalogger

Wireless radio system
Humidity data loggers

TandD Web Enabled Temperature Logger

LAN/Ethernet data logger
Humidity data collection with built in web server

LogTag Humidity data loggers

LogTag HAXO-8 Humidity & Temperature Recorder

LogTag Humidity & Temperature Recorder
The LogTag Humidity and Temperature Recorder is a breakthrough in price and performance!
Combining the leading edge features of the LogTag temperature Recorder with a highly reliable solid state humidity sensor means the LogTag Humidity & Temperature Recorder is a leader in its class.

4TS dSeal L120

4TS dSeal L120
Elapsed humidity recorder with built in sensor

4TS dSeal R120

4TS dSeal R120
Real-Time humidity recorder with GPRS communications

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