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5 Applications Of Temperature Data Loggers

Temperature monitoring systems comprised of data loggers play a key role in a variety of industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food production, and many more. Temperature loggers can help almost any industry to improve their data-driven decision making, and more industries are adopting temperature mapping technologies every year.

In this article, we are discussing 5 examples of the most common applications of temperature data loggers to give you a better understanding of what temperature loggers are, what they can be used for, and how they can help out your business.

1.      Cold chain shipment monitoring

Tracking the temperature of a product during cold chain shipping is vitally important to many industries and wireless temperature data loggers truly shine in this application. Not only do they help facility managers gain full visibility of the entire cold chain, but they can also help ensure the quality and safety of time-temperature sensitive products or perishable goods, prevent waste and save both time and money.

2.      Fridge and freezer temperature mapping

Regulations require food and pharmaceutical fridges and freezers to be periodically mapped to ensure that they continue to fulfil their intended purpose. Fridge data loggers as well as freezer temperature recorders help these industries to monitor temperature data with ease, sending out automated alerts if temperatures fall outside of acceptable thresholds.

3.      Oven temperature monitoring

Ovens are widely used in a variety of industries for sterilisation, melting, or cooking various substances and products, it’s key that they maintain a specified temperature during the entire process. Oven temperature probes are ideally suited for this application as they can handle high temperatures typically encountered in ovens and have the capability to record temperature data in real-time.

4.      Warehouse temperature mapping

Warehouse temperature monitoring is an important process when it comes to ensuring that your facility is working at safe temperatures and is compliant with the guidelines as well as producing safe and effective products. Wireless temperature data loggers are ideal for warehouse temperature mapping since they are accurate, simple to install and allow you to ensure the safety and efficiency of your storage facility with ease.

5.      Vaccine storage and transportation

Vaccines must be stored and transported at ultra-low temperatures in medical-grade fridges and freezers to be safe and effective for use. If an environment is not kept at an appropriate temperature, vaccines can easily become compromised and result in wastage. To avoid these unwanted losses, vaccine data loggers equipped with temperature probes are used for temperature monitoring of vaccines during every stage of the vaccine supply chain, including storage and transportation.

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