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Avoiding Food Hazards with the RFOT Temperature Data Logger

When working in the food industry, whether that’s in manufacturing, transit or service, the ultimate priority is food hygiene and safety. At Loggershop, we provide effective solutions to monitoring food safety with our range of high quality temperature data loggers and indicators.


How does the RFOT temperature data logger work?

The MadgeTech RFOT wireless meat temperature data logger has a probe that can be inserted into various cuts of meat, which ensures that food is stored and cooked at the desired safe temperature threshold. Meaning this food temperature data logger guarantees that you are complying with important government legislation throughout the entire food production process and avoiding dangerous food hygiene hazards.

What food hazards can the RFOT temperature data logger help me avoid?

Temperature is a huge factor in contributing towards the safety of food, from storage and shipping right through to cooking and cooling. With the RFOT wireless food temperature data logger, you can ensure that food is kept out of the ‘Danger Zone’ (where food is within the 4°C-60°C threshold) and prevent nasty food hazards that have potential to harm consumers.

Microbial Food Hazards

Micro-organisms such as bacteria, yeast and moulds, are naturally present in some foods. If safe temperature thresholds are breached during storage, these micro-organisms can multiply at a rapid rate and produce hazardous toxins that remain present even if the food is cooked at a safe temperature.

The RFOT temperature data logger with a probe ensure that you are storing your food at the correct temperature threshold and preventing the growth of dangerous micro-organisms that could lead to food poisoning.

Chemical Food Hazards

When temperature thresholds are not effectively monitored, this can cause chemical reactions within foods to increase causing foods to deteriorate and spoil. The RFOT MadgeTech data logger allows you to precisely control the temperature of foods, to ensure that food is not spoiling during the handling and storage phases.

With this temperature data logger, you can prevent chemical reactions such as the breakdown of proteins and emulsions, vitamin destruction and moisture loss.

Physical Food Hazards

Raw produce is often exposed to bruises and cracks, therefore physical spoilage is more common. Other factors such as broken food packaging is a huge problem, as it provides a way in for micro-organisms. When it comes to temperature, the RFOT temperature data logger prevents reaching uncontrolled temperature thresholds that speed up enzyme reactions. For example, cold temperatures can cause accidental freezing and thawing, consequently causing cracking within foods.

To find out more about how the RFOT wireless food temperature data logger can assist in working with safe temperature thresholds, contact our friendly team on 01929 459459 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to help. View our range of temperature data loggers to ensure you are adhering to government compliance.