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Bosch Unveil New Shock and Supply Chain Data Logger

Bosch recently unveiled their first data logger at the Hanover Fair in April 2017, to encourage transparency within the supply chain. The TDL100 Bosch data logger was designed to be attached to the shipment of sensitive industrial goods and record temperature, humidity and shock data to make the delivery process visible and traceable.

The Bosch data logger enables these parameters to be upheld and to prevent any detrimental impact on product quality.

Key Features

  • Cost effective
  • Records shock, tilt, temperature and humidity
  • Set it up with mobile phone
  • Download it with a mobile phone
  • Distribute collected data with the press of a finger
  • 2-year battery life
  • Samples data quickly so you don’t miss an event that occurs in a split second

No software or computer is required to configure, download and distribute the collected data. Simply install the app on your iOS or Android device and configure the Bosch data logger using an attractive and easy to use interface, and email collected data to predefined recipients at the press of a button.

Additional features include ‘at a glance’ graphical overview of out of limit excursions or proof that the shipment was within acceptable limits.

Buy the TDL100 Bosch data logger online at Loggershop, a leading online retailer of data logging solutions with over 30 years’ experience. For more information please get in touch by calling 01929 459459.