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Free Update From Bosch Enables Wide Range Bluetooth TDL110 Data Logger

Better yet, the latest firmware update ensures that the Bluetooth data logger can always transmit data to your iPhone or Android, no matter where it is placed. This feature is essential in ensuring that critical environmental parameters that can have a negative impact on product quality or integrity during transportation are never comprised.

It’s Bluetooth capabilities enables data from the iPhone and Android data logger to be easily accessible without having to reach a static desktop computer or attain additional devices. One can trust that the data logger is always awake and ready to transmit essential data.

Other benefits of the supply chain data logger, available online at Loggershop for £79.79, is its long battery life and wide range of inbuilt environmental sensors. It is simple to mount; use inexpensive M5 screws/bolts or adhesive tape, install the data logger app on your phone and set a recording interval and thresholds. At the point of delivery, rapidly review, download and distribute data via an instant report.


Benefits of Bluetooth data loggers

  • Collect data from within shipping containers using a mobile phone. The ongoing data stream enables users to review a snap shot of out of range conditions and distribute a detailed report at the press of a button.
  • Collect data from inaccessible locations like wall partitions, under floor or roof spaces without having to retrieve, remove and plug the data loggers into a computer.  This is a low cost alternative to a wireless radio monitoring system.
  • Collect data from appliances using fridge and freezer data loggers, and view data without having to open doors.


Loggershop offer a wide range of Bluetooth data loggers alongside the Bosch TDL110, by working alongside suppliers who offer innovative and easy to use data logger functionality. Bluetooth is a low powered technology found in most mobile phones and tablets, making it an essential feature for any facility that requires a constant data stream whilst your data logger is in-situ.

View our full range of data loggers online, from temperature to humidity Bluetooth data loggers with a range of extra connectivity features and data logger software for ease of use and analysis. Buy online or call 012929 459459 to speak to a specialist about your data logging needs.