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Generate Automatic PDF Temperature Reports Without Software Using Alpha Data Loggers

Alpha data loggers generate automatic reports without it, so that data can be distributed to multiple recipients effortlessly.

Loggershop offers a range of Alpha data loggers with this capability, including temperature, cold chain and freezer data loggers to ensure your data is accurate yet easy to accrue.

Many councils and pharmaceutical companies that require data logging solutions are unable to install software for two reasons:

  1. The company enforced strict restrictions on software installations
  2. The company wants to avoid a strenuous validation process. Validating software is required by many pharmaceutical companies operating in a cGMP environment, as the validation will confirm that the software does what the users want it to, and that those using it are protected by any potential failures. Ultimately, validating software ensures that the data reports it produces are entirely accurate and reliable, which is vital especially for those in medicines and vaccines.

To validate software, a user must follow a five step validation process and complete documentation to prove these activities which takes considerable time! Fortunately, the release of the TempSen Alpha data loggers range has enabled users to configure their temperature data loggers without having to install software.

Key Features

  • Generate automatic encrypted PDF reports
  • Connect to a PC via the USB data logger without setting up additional interfaces or configuring it online
  • Simply visit the Alpha data logger website and create a profile that is ‘dragged’ onto a data logger plugged into a USB port.
  • PDF reports contain device information, a logging summary, alarm information and a complete graph or data, for an integrated view through the entire monitoring period.
  • Versatile LCD display delivers all key information to enable users to make immediate decisions


Loggershop are specialists in the operation and sale of data logging solutions that are time and cost effective. View the range of Alpha data loggers from TempSen, including the T30, TUX, TD80 temperature data loggers and more for accurate data without the hassle!

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