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Introducing the Tempod 50X Data Logger

Use the Tempod 50X for:

Monitoring temperatures from -50°C to 70°C in the supply chain of pharmaceutical, life science and food products.  This data logger is essential for products that can be affected by the slightest temperature change, with a data recording accuracy of +0.3°C recording (-20°C to 20°C) and +0.5°C across other ranges. It can log temperature from every minute to every 2 hours and be programmed for up to 5 alarms across different ranges to offer detailed and precise temperature excursion statistics.

Why use the Tempod 50X:

Using a temperature data logger to monitor environment conditions ensures that product quality is upheld and safety accidents are prevented. The quality of food, life science and pharmaceutical products can be affected by any changes in temperature which is most likely to occur across the storage and transport phases of the cold chain cycle. By using the Tempod50X, you can install the data logger within the storage area or transport and continuously monitor data.

Compliant with:

  • IATA PI970 II compliant, your goods with Tempod inside will not be handled as dangerous goods
  • RTCA DO-160G compliant allows monitoring in air freight
  • GxP regulations compliant

What is included:

The Tempod 50X includes a PDF function enabling an encrypted PDF report to be created and downloaded via USB or Bluetooth anywhere there is a PC, with no cable and reader required to download data.

  • A power LCD display showing key information including alarm status, running status, monitoring statistics, time mark history and remaining battery levels.
  • Software free online configuration powered by Tempsen makes it incredibly simple to configure a data logger anywhere, anytime and on any platform without software.
  • The time mark feature includes a click on mark button to record a time stamp for events requiring special attention during shipment.
  • Password protection to prevent authorised manipulation
  • Repeat start function to allow re-recordings with the latest configurations by pressing a button.

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