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A Guide to Logtag’s uTRED30-WiFi Temperature Data Logger

Logtag’s uTRED30-Wifi temperature data logger has a range of exciting features, including a large LED display and memory of up to 16,129 temperature readings. Our helpful guide is here to give you an insight into what this fantastic Logtag data logger can do, as well as how it can help you remain government compliant in a variety of industries.

Use the uTRED30 temperature data logger for:

The uTRED30 Logtag Wi-Fi data logger is designed to monitor temperature in a wide variety of industries, from medical fridges to food process monitoring. This temperature data logger uploads data in real-time to your LogTag Online cloud account via your Wi-Fi network, making it incredibly easy to monitor your data on the go. With a large memory capacity, this temperature data logger stores maximum and minimum temperature readings, plus alarm duration, of the last 30 days.

Why use the uTRED30 temperature data logger:

Since the uTRED30 Logtag data logger is intended to monitor broad temperature ranges, this makes it a desirable Wi-Fi data logger for use in many industries. When working with temperature, it is essential that this stays at a constant and safe temperature suitable for the product.

For example, this temperature data logger ensures that food does not enter the ‘danger zone’ and prevents dangerous food-borne illnesses. Whereas in medicine, this temperature data logger guarantees that vaccines and medication are stored at ultra-low temperatures and prevents wastage.

Ultimately, Logtag’s fantastic new offering provides your industry with ultimate security and safety when it comes to working with safe temperatures. With this temperature data logger, you can rest assured that you are meeting government compliance and operating your business safely.

Compliant with:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • 47 CFR Part 15 Subpart B
  • RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU

Main features of this Logtag data logger:

  • Large LED Display – This useful feature of this wireless temperature data logger makes it easy and simple to monitor data in real-time, allowing you to make adjustments before the data logging process has ended.
  • Wi-Fi Compatibility – The uTRED30 is a Wi-Fi data logger, meaning you can upload data to a cloud server in real time.
  • USB Reporting – As a USB data logger, the reporting process is quick and easy. Simply connect the data logger to a USB port and download the data directly into a PDF report.
  • Alarm Function – The useful alarm function of this temperature data logger means that you can ensure temperatures stay consistent and can act if they are breached.

Purchase the Logtag uTRED30-WiFi temperature data logger at Loggershop. To learn more, contact our friendly team on 01929 459 459 or submit an enquiry.

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