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Latest Version of LogTag TRED30-16R Comes with Audible Alarm

To protect the integrity and effectiveness of vaccines they must be stored at appropriate vaccine storage temperatures, which can be monitored and maintained by vaccine data loggers, such as the Logtag TRED30-16R.  Proving that historical storage limits of 2 ~ 8°C were adhered to can be resolved using simple and inexpensive temperature data loggers, however, a proactive warning of an out of limit excursion could prevent you from having to dispose of valuable stock requires a more expensive wireless SMS/email monitoring system.

The latest version of the LogTag data logger bridges the gap between reactive and automated proactive solutions, by delivering an audible notification that alerts nearby staff to act.


Key Features

  • Save time by automating temperature recording
  • Prevent loss by acting when an early warning is registered
  • View min/max data collected on Saturday and Sunday using the min/max memory function
  • Rapid report generation.
  • Graphical display, print and share time vs temperature data.


Loggershop has decades of experience in the supply of vaccine data loggers paired with the attractive pricing, impressive technical specification and friendly support.

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