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MadgeTech Connections Fall 2019: The Importance of Autoclave Validation

Loggershop and Wessex Power are proud to have contributed to the Fall 2019 issue of the MadgeTech Connections magazine. This issue focuses on the importance of autoclave temperature validation and how to effectively sterilize steam.

We highlight a selection of MadgeTech temperature and pressure data loggers available at Loggershop that are renowned for overcoming barriers within autoclave monitoring. Read our helpful summary below comprising of the best bits from the magazine:

Top 5 Reasons Why Autoclave Steam Sterilization Fails

This section discusses the importance of autoclave validation and why steam sterilization can sometimes fail. Autoclaves are part of regular practice in a variety of industries, from healthcare to medical laboratory. However, there are some variables that can cause steam sterilization to go wrong, including:

  • Putting autoclave contents on the incorrect cycle: Sometimes autoclave contents need to be sterilized at different times. This is because different types of objects need to be sterilized on different cycles. Therefore, putting objects of various types on the same autoclave cycle can result in some contents not being fully sterilized.
  • Improper loading or packing methods: Autoclaves usually have specific requirements in terms of how they should be loaded before sterilisation. As well as this, certain tools need packing or wrapping before sterilization. If any packing, wrapping or loading is performed incorrectly, this can negatively impact the quality of the sterilization process.
  • Inadequate steam quality: If your steam quality is poor, you may not be achieving the level of sterilization that is deemed compliant. Inadequate steam quality can be due to the water content within the steam being too high, or because steam has overheated and causing all liquid to vaporise.
  • Vacuum failure: A vacuum cycle is used for specifically small or intricately shaped contents, where steam can reach every nook and cranny. If this vacuum fails, this puts your contents at risk of being ineffectively sterilised.
  • Incorrect temperatures: If your autoclave does not reach the correct temperature, the contents will not be sterilized to an adequate level. This could mean that you fail to meet government compliance. Facilities can ensure their autoclaves are reaching the appropriate temperature for sterilization with a temperature data logger.

Loggershop’s MadgeTech Data Logger Picks for Autoclave Validation

As part of this issue, Loggershop have hand-picked a range of MadgeTech temperature and pressure data loggers suited for effective autoclave validation. We stock a range of robust and durable temperature probes, including rigid and flexible probes of various lengths. MadgeTech’s HiTemp 140 and PRTemp ranges are all highly popular choices for temperature validation, with robust and accurate properties that are incredibly easy to use. See our full list of MadgeTech picks below:

Data loggers:

  • HiTemp140 Rigid: Robust, accurate and easy to use
  • HiTemp140 PT: Adaptable, accurate and simple operation
  • HiTemp140 X2: Dual configuration, selection of ranges and easy operation
  • HiTemp140 FP: Narrow, lightweight, accurate and easy to use
  • PR140: Robust, accurate with simple operation


Accessories to protect/hold the data logger in place:

  • Vented Shield: Protects exposed probes and enables rapid deployment of a temperature probe
  • Flush Shield: Responsive to temperature changes and simple installation
  • Mag Mount: Magnetic, durable and compatible with a range of MadgeTech data loggers
  • Multi-Mount Z: Ability to mount on any flat surface, durable and works with many MadgeTech data loggers

Temperature data logger packages:

  • HiTemp140 DHS: Suitable for dry heat sterilisation with a thermal shield, accurate calibration and easy operation
  • AVS140-1 & AVS140-6: Complete autoclave validation systems with calibrated data loggers, a USB interface and validated software

Case Study: Promedica Chooses MadgeTech Data Loggers for Autoclave Validation

This section discusses how a MadgeTech temperature data logger helped medical manufacturer Promedica facilitate an effective autoclave validation system. With the MadgeTech AVS140-6 validation system, Promedica was able to ensure safe, appropriate sterilization temperatures were reached and provide evidence of 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

For further information and to read more from the issue, subscribe to the MadgeTech Connections magazine. At Loggershop, we have our very own thermal and sterilization validation guide, where you can find further information about validation methods and the very best data loggers for doing so.

We stock a range of MadgeTech data loggers at Loggershop to help you successfully monitor temperature and pressure within your autoclave. Don’t hesitate to ask our experts for help and advice about finding the perfect data logger for you. Our partner company Wessex Power can even do all the hard work for you with our full autoclave validation service. Simply call 01929 459459 today!