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New TempSen Tempod Data Loggers Become Bluetooth Connected

These low temperature, cold chain data loggers are designed to enhance cold chain monitoring visibility, sitting at a price point between low cost elapsed time solutions and full blown real-time automated GSM solutions like our CHaaS solution.

The new generation of Bluetooth data loggers are ideal for monitoring parameters within the food, industrial and life science industry, to provide a constant stream of data via Bluetooth thus proving compliancy of regulations.

The range previously featured a USB port to download data, but this would require removing the data logger from its place. The Bluetooth feature will continuously submit data to the data logger app on an iPhone or Android, with a friendly interface, PDF reporting, alarm status and more. Personnel within various industries will always be in control of the temperature and never miss a breach.


The four Tempod data loggers by TempSen include:

  • The Tempod 30 – temperature USB & PDF data logger
  • The Tempod 50X – temperature USB & PDF data logger with external NTC sensor
  • The Tempod 100X – temperature USB PDF data logger with external RTD probe (measure -100°C to 70°C
  • The Tempod 200X – temperature USB PDF data logger with external RTD probe (measure -200°C to 70°C)


Features of the Tempod data logger range including iPhone iOS, PC and Android data logger app configurable, calibration certificate, on the spot pass and fail reporting, a backup secure pdf report and installable 21 CFR Part 11 PC analysis software.

Benefits of Bluetooth data loggers

Bluetooth is a low powered technology integrated into many portable devices like mobile phones and tablets. Being readily available and at hand means that it can be used to accelerate the distribution of data and even collect it whilst your data logger is in-situ!

Loggershop work in partnership with suppliers offering innovative and easy to use functionality.  Here is a snap shot of what is new and available and what is coming in the next few months.

  • Shipping: Collect data from within shipping containers using your mobile phone, receive a snap shot of out range conditions and distribute a detailed report at the press of a button.
  • Building services: Insert these data loggers into inaccessible locations like wall partitions, under floor or roof spaces and collect data without having to retrieve, remove and plug the data loggers into a computer.  This is a low-cost alternative to a wireless radio monitoring system.
  • Appliances: Data from fridge or freezer data loggers can be downloaded without having to open doors.

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