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Preconfigured vs User Configurable Data Loggers: Which Is Best for Your Application?


When purchasing a data logger, many of our customers are faced with the common problem: do I choose a preconfigured or user configurable data logger? Both preconfigured and user configurable data loggers are beneficial in various ways, with certain industries preferring one over the other.

If you’re unsure of whether to go for a temperature data logger that is pre-configured or user configurable, we can help! Depending on your industry, our experts can advise on the type that would work best for your requirements.

What is a preconfigured data logger?

A preconfigured data logger is an easy and reliable solution if you are looking to use a data logger ‘out of the box’. This is because they have already been programmed with a configuration profile, which provides the device with strict instructions of what to do after an action has been performed (i.e. pressing a start button). Due to this, preconfigured temperature data loggers are a fantastic option if you desire speed and simplicity, with no need for software installation and validation.

This data logger solution comes with pre-programmed profiles that control the recording rate, shipment length, the time before recording starts and the trigger values that determine the success of the temperature controlled shipping taking place. By controlling the time before the recording starts, the temperature data logger can stabilise at the temperature inside the packaging.

What is a user configurable data logger?

A user configurable data logger requires configuration and calibration by the user after purchase. Through software installation, the user can apply profiles using a computer or mobile device (for iOS/Android compatible data loggers).

This provides the user with more control over how the temperature logger will perform. Whilst this data logger solution does require more time and effort from the user prior to the start of temperature controlled shipping, users have the benefit of adjusting the data logger to their own specific, precise requirements.

Which data logger is best for your application?

User configurable portable temperature data loggers are very well suited to companies shipping a limited number of products with the need to be stored at varying temperatures. User configurable temperature indicators for shipping are particularly useful in this situation because they allow the user to tailor each temperature logger to the needs of each shipping product.

When it comes to shipping large numbers of products at the same temperature, this is where preconfigurable wireless temperature monitoring comes handy. This provides a much easier and quicker solution for temperature controlled shipping when many similar products come into play.

If you would like more information on whether to choose a preconfigured or user configured temperature data logger, contact us by calling 01929 459459. We would be delighted to assist you. Browse our range of reliable and industry trusted temperature data loggers at Loggershop.