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TempSen Tempod 100X: The Ultimate Solution for Dry Ice Shipments

TempSen’s Tempod 100X data logger is a popular choice for monitoring dry ice shipments across the cold chain, whether that be pharmaceutical goods, vaccines or even food. Find out more about why this dry ice data logger is an innovative solution to help your business meet legal compliance whilst improving visibility across the supply chain:

Features and benefits of TempSen’s Tempod 100X data logger

  • Broad temperature range

Whilst this dry ice and vaccine data logger can withstand temperatures of as low as -100°C, it is also capable of monitoring environments as high as +70°C. This makes the Tempod 100X ideal for ultra-low temperature freezers, but also in other environments throughout the supply chain where such low temperatures are not required.

  • Multiple alarm ranges

Another useful feature of the Tempod 100X that makes it the ultimate solution for dry ice shipping is its comprehensive alarm system. This cold chain data logger has five configurable alarms, ensuring shipments are never exposed to dangerous temperature thresholds for an extended period of time. Users are alerted straight away if a data logger is exposed to above or below the temperature specified for that alarm.

  • PDF reporting

Collecting and analysing data couldn’t be easier with the PDF reporting function. With the Tempod 100X, users can simply specify the data they would like to export and this is automatically pulled into a PDF report in a format of their choice (e.g. tabular or graphical data). This data logger is also compatible with the TempSen Cloud software, allowing users to access data anytime, anywhere.

  • External probe

The Tempod 100X has been specially designed with an external probe that can withstand ultra-low temperature environments such as freezers and dry ice packs. As an RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) probe, it can change its resistance to certain temperatures as the temperature changes throughout the cold chain.

  • Modern LCD display

This dry ice data logger has an incredibly modern LCD display to help users keep track of their dry ice shipments at all times. From alarm notifications and temperature statistics (minimum, maximum and average) to battery level and running status, the display makes it easy to monitor each and every shipment travelling through the cold chain.

Why is monitoring dry ice shipments important?

Monitoring dry ice shipments as they pass through the cold chain is incredibly important to not only certify the safety of the products, but also the end user. Vaccines, pharmaceuticals and food items must be kept at low temperatures when passing through the cold chain to ensure they are fit for use. For example, meat produce travelling through the cold chain could be exposed to dangerous bacteria if they became too hot. In the case of vaccines, these pose the risk of falling outside of their licensed storage guidelines. Whilst this can cause health and safety risks, it also contributes to huge amounts of product and cost wastage. The Tempod 100X dry ice data logger means that any products stored in ultra-low temperature environments are stored safely and securely.

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