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Waterproof Temperature Data Loggers for Pasteurization Processes

They are often used by safety and quality managers needing to generate F0 and PU values in milk, beer, cider and cordial design and production.

The MicroTemp data logger (80°C) and HiTemp140 data logger (140°C) are self-contained waterproof temperature data loggers which can be placed inside bottles or mounted remotely through the lid or cap of a bottle.

They are configured to record rapid temperature changes during the pasteurization process which can be subsequently downloaded for archive and analysis. Use the free MadgeTech 4 data logger software to plot time vs temperature graphs including PU and FO values and enable statistical analysis.


Key Features

      • Bullet points
      • Waterproof
      • Small diameter for insertion into a bottle
      • Accurate and Calibratable
      • User replaceable battery
      • Free powerful software


Loggershop has decades of experience in the supply of MadgeTech data loggers. Paired with attractive pricing and impressive technical specifications of the MadgeTech system makes this package a perfect fit.

View our range of MadgeTech data loggers and buy online at Loggershop, or for more information please get in touch by calling 01929 459459.