Continuous Process Monitoring with Waterproof Data Loggers

Wireless and waterproof

Our waterproof data loggers offer unique solutions designed to assist food processing companies in collating and acting on temperature data collected in coolers, cooking and storage applications in real-time, without the worry or man power associated with the manual collection of HACCAP critical data.

High quality temperature probes

Using the right temperature probe is critical to any temperature verification within continuous process monitoring. The RFOT is fitted with a robust, accurate and durable handled temperature probe with a stainless steel penetration probe tip, tested to withstand 1000's of cycles.

Durable continuous temperature monitoring

Our temperature waterproof data loggers are manufactured with a sturdy IP68 construction and can be mounted on a hanging hook alongside meat without the worry of the data logger being damaged. Insert into steam ovens <100°C or into coolers >-20°C

Cloud relay compatible

Link the RFOT to the Cloud relay and view continuous process monitoring data 24/7 on your mobile phone or any device with an internet browser

Continuous Process Monitoring with Waterproof Data Loggers PRODUCTS

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