Wireless Data Loggers with Cloud Based Logging

With wireless data loggers and cloud based logging, you can use your web browser to globally access a wide range of environmental data from limitless locations. View wireless data loggers with cloud based logging here.

Data Loggers for Remote Locations

View our range of wireless data loggers which can be placed in remote locations but allow data to still be easily extracted.

GSM Data Loggers

GSM data loggers have integrated cellular modems which enable temperature and humidity data to be collected whilst on the move or in areas where there is no IT infrastructure.

Bluetooth iPhone and Android Data Loggers

Utilise mobile devices to configure, retrieve and analyse data from Bluetooth Android and iPhone iOS temperature and humidity data loggers.

LAN & USB Data Loggers

Remotely collect humidity and temperature data via your LAN or USB data logger by simply connecting it to a LAN network or downloading data via a USB.

SD Card Data Loggers

Save your environmental data to an SD card using our range of data loggers with SD cards. We stock temperature and voltage data loggers with SD cards to enable you to take data with you on the move.

USB Data Loggers

Browse a selection of USB data loggers from renowned brands T&D and LogTag for an easy connection to data.

Wi-Fi & USB Data Loggers

Remotely collect data via your WLAN Wi-Fi network or directly connect to a PC via USB

Wireless & USB Data Loggers

Benefit from two options with our wireless and USB data loggers at Loggershop. Transmit data in real-time via radio or directly connect via USB for elapsed time data extraction.

Wireless Data Loggers

Browse wireless data loggers, network base stations for data loggers, data logger software and accessories here.

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