Tempsen Data Loggers

All in one

Multiple and single use Tempsen USB data loggers are ideal for temperature, humidity and cold chain monitoring. Download data on any computer without any additional connectors; just by inserting the USB connector. Tempsen data loggers include all you need to record and view critical data within a medical environment and more.

Integral USB port

An integral USB connector is a convenience that enables users to interact with their data on any computer without the need for a bespoke interface package. Simply remove the cap to expose the standard connector and insert it into the port of any windows PC

Software Utilities

TempCentre data logger software is free and compatible with all Tempsen data loggers, ideal for configuring, downloading and managing data. Tempsen Alpha data loggers can be configured online using a web based utility, avoiding the need to install and validate software.

PDF Reporting

These Tempsen data loggers can be analysed using software and downloaded as a PDF report for a quick and easy solution to view critical time vs temperature, humidity, or supply chain data in graphs and statistical reports.

Tempsen Data Loggers PRODUCTS

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