• From £50.00
  • The TRED30-16R is a min/max temperature data logger with audible alert and connector for an external temperature sensor, LCD display, 30-day summary, memory for 15’905 readings and user replaceable battery.

    From £50.00
  • From £45.00
  • The SRIL-8 data logger is an ultra-low temperature, single use, user configurable data logger with integral probe for ULT freezer and dry ice temperature monitoring, 8000 readings and clear LED alarm.

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  • From £391.00
  • Rigid probe, temperature data logger, rated to 140°C. Available with 6 probe variations.

    From £391.00
  • From £79.79
  • Cost effective, shock, tilt, humidity and temperature data logger configured and downloaded via mobile phone.

    From £79.79
  • From £145.00
  • Precision temperature data logger for connection to 4-wire RTD probe.

    From £145.00
  • Tempod 50X

    Tempod 50X

  • The Tempod 50X temperature data logger by TempSen measures -50°C ~ +70°C  and includes an external probe, USB connection and PDF reporting. Supplied with certificate (-30, 0, +30°C)


  • From £155.00
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB, Web and APP accessible, 2 channel temperature network data logger.

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  • From £270.00
  • Low cost, 4 channel thermocouple data logger.

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  • From £115.00
  • External temperature wireless temperature data logger for recording air, liquid and appliance temperatures between -60°C ~ +155°C.

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  • From £108.00
  • Waterproof wireless temperature TandD data logger for recording air temperature between -40°C ~ +80°C.

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  • From £95.00
  • The Tred30-16 R LogTag data logger with temperature probe & thermal dampener is ideal for vaccine storage temperature monitoring. A gold-plated connector enables a remote temperature probe and thermal dampener attachment.  It stores up to 15,900 temperature readings over a -40°C to +99°C measurement range and features an LCD display, 30-day summary and user replaceable battery.

    From £95.00
  • £50.00
  • The Tempod 30 temperature data logger can measure from -30°C to over 70°C and is supplied with an internal temperature probe (NTC sensor). It connects via a USB for seamless data extraction and reporting with PDF functionality. Supplied with calibration certificate (-20°C, 0°C, +20°C)