By T&D Data Loggers


RTR-500 Series wireless hand held data collector with USB connectivity.

Build a system

Part of a suite of products designed to work as a complete monitoring system

Download and transfer

Transfer data from in situ RTR500B data loggers to the collector then to PC

Local display

View historical graphical data using the built-in display

Free Software

Connect via USB to setup and analysis software


Product Description

RTR-500 Series: The RTR-500DC is a battery powered hand held device that can be used to perform routine data collection from 1 ~ 32 in-situ RTR-500 data loggers. In addition you can also perform 'in the field' analysis and configure data loggers without removing them from their installed locations.

Compatible with;

  • RTR-501 data logger with Internal temperature sensor for ambient data logging
  • RTR-502 data logger with external temperature sensor for fridge and freezer data logging
  • RTR-503 and RTR-507 data loggers with external humidity  temperature sensors for incubator validation
  • RTR-505-TC and RTR-505-PT data loggers for use with wide range thermocouple and PT100 sensors
  • RTR-574 and RTR-574H data loggers with external light, humidity and temperature sensors
  • RTR-576 and RTR-576H data loggers with Co2, temperature and humidity sensors for built environment studies
  • RTR-505-V, RTR-505-mA and RTR-505-P data loggers for interfacing with sensors delivering voltage, current and pulse outputs

Data stored on the RTR-500DC can be extracted and analysed using free issued TandD software utilities.

Ideally suited to a large number of tasks which involve the validation of storage/working conditions over a period of time. Performing interim analysis without interfering with the measured data and also 'in field' studies where routine data collection is performed whilst maintaining the installed configuration of the data loggers and sensors.

Supplied as standard with batteries, aerial and USB cable. Can be purchased with a larger aerial for enhancing signal strength when required.

RTR-500DC Features

  • Enables users to reconfigure installed data loggers
  • Temporary storage device for collecting data
  • Graphical display for on the spot analysis
  • Audible alarm
  • Battery powered.






Registration limit

Connects to 32 RTR-500 data loggers


50M line of site
Please contact our sales team for free installation advice




6 months


Device: 125mm x 58mm x 26.3mm
Standard aerial: 109mm

Operating Conditions

0 ~ 55°C


Requires no I.T. infrastructure
Direct USB connection