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Exposed air temperature probe, delivering the fastest response of all LogTag external probes. For use with LogTag TREX and TRED data loggers.

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Part of a suite of products designed to work as a complete monitoring system


24mm Fast response probe tip


3m of FDA food safe cable


TREX/TRED LogTag data loggers


Product Description

Although designed for recording ambient temperatures without the thermal dampening properties of a sheath, we have found this probe to be a cost effective solution to measuring and recording surface temperatures.  Not to be inserted into food or liquids.

Also available in a shorter 1.5M cable run

Dimensions of sensor tip do vary in manufacture, but typically the tip is 4mm(W) and 3mm(D)

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LogTag Data Loggers


Fast Response Probe with 1.5m cable

Sheathed probe tip
1.5M round cable
LogTag std. temperature
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