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The Tempod 200XB is a wireless ultra low temperature data logger for -200°C ~ +70°C including external 1m RTDC sensor.  Features Bluetooth for wireless use, a USB connection and PDF reporting – supplied with a certificate @ -196 / 0 / 30°C

Bluetooth and USB Direct

Automatically generate detailed PDF reports with the option to download data with TempSen Express© and TempSen Go© on Android and iOS

LCD Display

The display allows immediate viewing of current and salient historical environmental events including the status of 5 alarm thresholds

Replaceable Battery

An inexpensive coin cell battery that can be sourced and replaced without special tools


Product Description

The multi-use Tempod 200XB temperature data logger by TempSen features Bluetooth for complete access, control and data download outside of the package, fridge, vehicle, and more.

Use the Tempod 200XB Bluetooth data logger to record up to 28,800 temperature readings within a range of -200°C to +70°C with data logged every minute to every 2 hours.

Please note: The body of the data logger is rated to -20 °C, please do not insert the data logger into liquid Nitrogen.

This ultra-low temperature data logger features a measurement accuracy of ±0.5°C to ±1.0°C for recordings you can rely on. It also features a built-in high and low alarm with 5 alarm ranges to alert changes in temperature.

Applications of the Tempod 200XB temperature data logger:

The Tempod 200XB is ideal for monitoring temperatures within the cold chain, as the Bluetooth data logger keeps recording even when the signal is turned off, for example when on a flight.

It is also perfect for monitoring liquid nitrogen, such as liquid nitrogen freezers used in hospitals to store blood and bone marrow samples. Sea and air freight monitoring, distribution, storage and dry ice shipping are also relevant applications of this Bluetooth temperature logger.

Features of the Tempod 200XB ultra-low temperature data logger include:

  • Wide temperature recording range

The external temperature probe of this TempSen data logger can measure temperatures within a range of -200°C to +70°C, while the body of the logger is rated to -20°C to 70°C.

  • Bluetooth connectivity

Connect the data logger to the Tempsen Go app via your iPhone or Android smartphone to search, connect, control and download the Tempsen 200XD data logger. Save data in your device and view graph and statistics, export files and send data to partners.

  • External 1m RTDC temperature sensor

This Features a Teflon cable that enables the data logger to record such low temperatures.

  • 3 point calibration

3 point NIST traceable calibration

  • Auto PDF reporting

No software is required to access the PDF data file of summaries, statistics, alarm information, graph and optional tabular data.

  • Intuitive LCD indication

The LCD display presents all key information including recording statistics, alarm and running status, and battery levels.

  • Multiple alarm ranges

Set up to 5 alarm ranges for precise temperature limit exceeded statistics.

  • Password protection

Prevent unauthorised access to the device.

For more information on the Tempod 200XB Bluetooth temperature logger call us on 01929 459459, email [email protected] to speak to our expert team. Buy the Tempod 200XB ultra-low temperature data logger by TempSen at Loggershop online.










Memory Capacity

28800 readings

Measurement Range

-200°C ~ 70°C


± 0.5 °C [-100°C…70°C]
and ±1.5°C outside of this range



Start Mode

Manual / Auto / Temperature start

Logging Interval

1 minute ~ 2 hours

Logging Mode

Start/stop and repeat start

Alarm Ranges

High and low alarm / 5 alarm ranges


3.0V CR2450 lithium battery (Replaceable)

Battery Life

12 months typical

LCD Display Functions

•OK(√), Alarm(x), Running indicator
•Running status
•Temperature Statistics (max, min, avg)
•Remaining battery level
•Mark history

Automatic Data File

Encrypted PDF report
Embedded raw data


21 CFR Part 11 compliant TempCentre Data Management Software


100mm L x 40mm W x 12mm H


Approx. 48g




Instruction Manual

Software - Windows PC only

EXE • 77MB

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