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The Tempod 50X temperature data logger by TempSen measures -50°C ~ +70°C  and includes an external probe, USB connection and PDF reporting. Supplied with certificate (-30, 0, +30°C)


USB Direct

Automatically generate detailed PDF reports with the option to download data with TempSen Express©

LCD Display

The display allows immediate viewing of current and salient historical environmental events including the status of 5 alarm thresholds

Replaceable Battery

An inexpensive coin cell battery that can be sourced and replaced without special tools


Product Description

The Tempod 50X temperature data logger by TempSen is an easy-to-use temperature monitoring solution that records data to ensure the safety of temperature-sensitive products. Using this USB data logger, you can monitor pharmaceuticals, vaccines and food both in transit and throughout the supply chain process, ensuring quality standards are kept and safe incidents are prevented.

The Tempod 50X USB data logger is a technically advanced device that is suited for regular monitoring and periodic validation of fridges and freezers.

The external probe is 1m in length and enables the Tempod 50X data logger to monitor low-temperature environments or those with limited space to take measurements. The external temperature probe operates down to -50°C and up to 70°C, while the data logger itself can withstand temperatures down to -20°C.

TempSen have developed this temperature data logger to deliver long-term operations with re-calibration, and the Tempod 50X is supplied with a replaceable battery and a robust USB connector and casing.

This TempSen data logger can be placed anywhere, from small containers and warehouses to insulated packages. Developed by TempSen to be an efficient cold chain monitoring solution, the lightweight USB data logger includes the following functionalities for ease of use, guaranteed accuracy, and more:

  • PDF Data logger

The Tempod 50X automatically generates encrypted PDF reports with no additional software needed.

  • Heighted measurement accuracy

The measurement accuracy of the Tempod 50X is heightened to ±0.3°C for a more accurate representation of temperature fluctuations.

  • Multiple alarm ranges

Acquire detailed and precise temperature excursion statistics with up to 5 alarm ranges.

  • USB Connector

Connect to a variety of devices with the USB. No cable or reader is required to download data.

  • Password protection

Set a password to prevent unauthorised changes to the data logger.

  • Software-free online configuration

The Tempod 50X can be configured quickly and with ease without specific software and is compatible with multiple platforms.

  • Time mark

By clicking on a button to record a time stamp, you can mark events that require special attention.

  • Repeat start

A button on the temperature data logger allows a recording to restart with the latest configurations.

For more information on the Tempod 50X Temperature Data Logger with External Probe get in touch with our friendly team at Loggershop. Call us on 01929 459459, email [email protected] or speak to an expert on LiveChat. Buy the Tempod 50X temperature data logger by TempSen at Loggershop online.











Memory Capacity

28800 readings

Measurement Range

-50°C ~ 70°C


±0.5°C [Full range]
±0.3°C [-20°C~ + 20°C]



Start Mode

Manual / Auto / Temperature start

Logging Interval

1 minute ~ 2 hours

Logging Mode

Start/stop and repeat start

Alarm Ranges

High and low alarm / 5 alarm ranges


3.0V CR2450 lithium battery (Replaceable)

Battery Life

18 months (30 minutes per point)

LCD Display Functions

•OK(√), Alarm(x), Running indicator
•Running status
•Temperature Statistics (max, min, avg)
•Remaining battery level
•Mark history

Automatic Data File

Encrypted PDF report
Embedded raw data


21 CFR Part 11 compliant TempCentre Data Management Software


100mm L x 40mm W x 12mm H


Approx. 48g



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