By TempSen Data Loggers


Free software utilities for configuring, downloading and analysis of collected data.

Local database storage

Centralise PDF files to aid search


PDF and spreadsheet formats

21 CFR Part 11 compliant

Audit trails, user management and electronic signatures


Product Description

tempcentrePC Installation 

TempCentre 2.0 data management software is versatile desktop software used for reading and configuring TempSen cold chain data loggers, and helping user efficiently view, analyze, archive and compare data collected during transport and storage cycle. All data saved is stored in relational data base, allows fast retrieve of data using dynamic filtering tools for further study, a variety of easy-to-use analysis and viewing functionalities are available to bring you excellent visibility into critical supply chain data, enabling best practices to be carried out to minimize risk and deploying correcting actions.

TempCentre 2.0 is built to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and cGMP, enhanced security mechanism offers complete user access control, data verification, electronic signatures disposition and audit trails, effectively ensures data security and integrity.