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Precision Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB, Web and APP accessible, temperature and humidity network data logger.

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Part of a suite of products designed to work as a complete monitoring system

  • Calibration certificate [Contact us for custom points]
* Calibration takes between 3 - 7 business days Add and customise

Measurement Range

-25 °C to 70 °C and 0 to 99% rH via the precision probe supplied as standard

Connection Options

Bluetooth setup with wireless data collection via WiFi or standalone operation via USB

Real-time data

Automated download with emails alarms and online cloud reporting via the free WebStorageService (WSS)


Product Description

Free - Online Cloud Interface and data storage
Free - Mobile Application (APP) for iOS and Android includes PDF reporting on mobile

Supplied with remote humidity and temperature sensor delivering high accuracy and resolution.

Utilise your existing Wi-Fi network to create a wireless temperature data logging and alarm monitoring system with the TR72A-S, a humidity and temperature data logger.

Interface with your TR72A-S in the field using the built-in Bluetooth functionality and an iOS or Android compatible mobile device.

This battery or mains powered data logger displays, collects and stores temperature data measured by an interchangeable sensor fitted to the end of 1M of cable. Historical data can be extracted to a PC using the integral USB connector or linked in real-time data via the Wi-Fi module to a mobile device running iOS, Android or that hosts an internet connection and browser.


  • Wi-Fi (WLAN)
  • Direct via USB
  • Bluetooth
  • Online using free cloud storage utility

Mount your TR72A-S data logger outside of an incubator or humidity/temperature critical environment and feed the probed cable into the desired monitoring location, repeat for additional monitoring locations across different floors of a building or even in different geographical locations with all data sent back to a central location via the TandD cloud utility called ‘Webstorage-service’

Unlike alternatives offered by LS and our competitors, TandD deliver free application and cloud storage utilities with no contracts or restrictions. Traditionally costs associated with these centralised cloud services is invoiced monthly or annually and should always be considered when calculating the TandD cost of ownership versus any other alternative networked solution.

Alternative powering options

  • 5v 200mA USB power supply

Compatibility and expansion

In addition to a limitless number of TR-72WFS data loggers that can be located at any geographical location, once assigned to 'Webstorage-service' you can add any number of the following data logging solutions;

  • TR71A  2 channel temperature
  • RTR500B radio system

Compatibility mobile applications

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Usage Type

Multiple use


Wireless LAN

Sensor internal or external




Sensor type

Platinum Resistance
Electrostatic Capacitance
1.5M cable


30'000 readings

Sample rate

1 reading a second ~ 1 reading an hour


-25°C ~ +70°C
0% ~ 99%


+/- 0.3°C (between 10 ~ 40°C)
Or +/- 0.5°C
+/- 2.5% rH between 30 ~ 80% rH (between 15 ~ 35°C)


0.1% rH


ABS plastic


Internal battery
USB power supply

Battery Life

10 days ~ 15 months
Depends on screen mode and upload frequency


58mm x 78mm x 26mm

Operating Conditions

-10°C ~ +60°C
<90% rH




Cloud data storage
Globally accessible data
Networked data
Automatic download
Free software
Email alerts
LCD display

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