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The Loggershop Guide to Temperature Indicators

What are temperature indicators or stickers used for?

Temperature indicators are used to record the temperature of a product during storage or shipping. They collect and store data on the time-temperature over a set period, enabling users to monitor the temperature conditions to ensure they meet regulations.

Indicators are available in the form of temperature stickers or temperature indicator strips. Depending on the reason for use, there’s freeze indicators in a choice of single-use or 3-year durations.

There are three types of temperature indicators that Loggershop stock:

These electronic temperature indicators are more robust than traditional temperature stickers and are a low-cost alternative to single-use loggers. The visual display makes it easy to monitor the temperature conditions, and (if using the interface cradle) critical data can be download for review. Choose from a 20-day or 45-day temperature indicator or a 3-year freeze indicator.

  • ColdMark® irreversible temperature indicators

Shockwave low temperature indicators are irreversible visual alerts that indicate clearly if the temperature has gone lower than the threshold. The benefit of these is that they are a user-friendly and don’t require in-depth training. ColdMark® temperature indicators are simple to apply by use of the adhesive backing and they are easy to read. The bulb goes from clear to violet if the temperature goes below a predetermined threshold. These single-use temperature indicators are available in packs of 100.

  • WarmMark® irreversible temperature indicator strips

WarmMark® cold chain indicators are ideal for shipping critical, temperature-sensitive products. Irreversible, these time-temperature indicators are clear visual indicators that can be used as proof that acceptable temperature limits were maintained during transit. The indication window will show if the product was stored in unacceptable conditions for a brief or prolonged amount of time. User-friendly and easy to apply by the adhesive backing, these Shockwatch temperature indicators are available in packs of 100.

Which industries are temperature indicators suitable for?

They are most commonly used in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food/drink
  • Chemicals

Follow our guide below to choosing temperature stickers for your application. For companies executing larger projects who are looking to save time, data can be collected and validated by an external service such as Wessex Power. If you would like to discuss your project with one of our expert team before purchasing any time-temperature indicators, call us on 01929 459 459.