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Carbon Dioxide Data Loggers

Test and verify low or substandard ventilation in buildings, offices, hospitals, and more with carbon dioxide data loggers and sensors from Loggershop. Download precise carbon dioxide detection data with WiFi and USB data logger access.

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Carbon Dioxide Data Loggers

Use your carbon dioxide sensor to verify poor indoor air quality complaints or identify energy-saving opportunities in over-ventilated spaces.

Carbon dioxide sensors and data loggers can also be used to analyse the performance of heating and air conditioning systems to improve performance. They can also diagnose if any servicing or repair works are required.

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Carbon dioxide data loggers are devices used to record, monitor, and report carbon dioxide levels within a particular environment. Often, CO2 sensors like these also include temperature and humidity sensors to collect comprehensive data about the state of the area. At Loggershop we have a selection of related software options that can be used to download and review the data collected by data loggers. This software creates reports that can be used for data validation and audits.

Carbon dioxide sensors are an effective and affordable solution for assess the air quality of indoor environments. They can be used in many different industries and environments to help eliminate poor ventilation and health and safety concerns for workers. They are frequently used in heavy-traffic indoor areas like hospitals, factories, warehouses, and office buildings.

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