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Light Level Data Loggers

Our selection of wireless light data loggers are available for precise light, humidity, and temperature measurements. With UV light sensors, humidity, and temperature monitoring sensors, these data loggers allow the recording of data in real-time. Record temperatures between -30 ~ 80°C, humidity values from 0 ~ 99%, illuminance from 0 lx ~ 130 klx, and UV light intensity from 0 ~ 30 mW/cm2.

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Wireless light data loggers

Light Data Sensors

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Light sensor data loggers (usually in conjunction with temperature and humidity data loggers) are used to monitor and record light levels (LUX) within a particular environment. They use UV light sensors to indicate light levels and record back this information in real-time using integrated data software.

Using light loggers is important in many industries and for many applications. For example, to know if items have been opened or tampered with during the supply chain process. They are also commonly used in museums to monitor light levels near artifacts and ensure no damage comes to them from excess light. UV light sensors are also commonly used in UV exposure studies and solar energy studies.

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