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Pulse, Event & State Data Loggers

Record a pulse input or contact closure from an external source with a pulse data logger. Ideal for pinpoint electric or water meter recordings. View meter readings, door openings, and switch status with our elapsed and real-time pulse counter data loggers accessible via a web browser.

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Pulse Event State Data Loggers

State Data Logging

Use a state data logger to measure changes in voltage through length and timing changes. Or, use an event data logger for time-stamping events throughout a process.

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Popular Pulse, State & Data Loggers


Pulse, state, and event data loggers are each used to record the frequency of particular events within a defined environment. The data loggers are placed within or near the environment such as a mechanical instrument and set to alert the connected software when the event takes place.

Pulse counter data loggers record each time a pulse is detected. State data loggers can measure voltage changes throughout a particular time period. Event data loggers can also time-stamp when these events occurred.

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