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Fridge & Freezer Data Loggers

Our fridge and freezer data loggers are ideal for monitoring perishable goods, temperature-sensitive products or chemicals, and vaccine fridge temperate monitoring. Our freezer and fridge data logger solutions boast a variety of useful features including ultra-low temperature, USB, and wireless data connectivity.

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Fridge and Freezer Data Loggers

Choose from a wide range of ultra-low temperature freezer data loggers with various probes to measure temperatures as low as -80°C. All our freezer and fridge monitoring systems deliver and record accurate temperature data and send out automated alarm notifications in accordance with your operating procedures.

Browse our fridge and freezer data loggers and temperature monitoring systems for freezers and fridges online now. Read the full guide below or, for more information, get in touch with our experts on 01929 459459.

Popular Freezer & Fridge Data Loggers

LogTag Data Loggers


Multi use, 8K reading temperature logger + fixed battery.

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LogTag Data Loggers


Multi use, 16K reading temperature logger + replaceable battery.

From: £32.44 View and buy
T&D Data Loggers


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB 2 Channel Temperature Data Logger

From: £155.00 View and buy
MadgeTech Data Loggers


Multi use, 32K reading low temperature logger + Long life battery

From: £192.00 View and buy


Fridge and freezer data loggers are used to monitor and record temperatures inside fridges and freezers for effective temperature control. They will often come with probes that can operate in extremely low temperatures. The data loggers are then programmed to alert managers if there is a variation in the temperature of the environment. This ensures goods such as perishable foods or vaccines are kept at optimal temperatures.

Monitoring and recording fridge and freezer temperatures is vital for many applications. Items such as perishable foods, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals such as vaccines all require careful temperature monitoring. If these items are kept in fridges and freezers that do not have strictly maintained temperatures, it can cause them to go off, or become ineffective. Therefore wasting goods, time, and money.

Loggershop stock a range of fridge monitoring systems and fridge and freezer data loggers, split into categories dependent on the temperature requirements. See below:

Fridge Data Loggers

For recording fridge temperatures for food or pharmaceuticals in real-time. These data loggers are waterproof, accurate, and easy to use with clear alarm notifications.

-30°C Freezer Data Loggers

Our range of temperature monitoring systems for freezers for temperatures down to -30°C are also waterproof. They can also be operated directly inside the low-temperature environment, or use probes.

-80°C Freezer Data Loggers

For extremely low temperatures, we also have freezer data loggers available for use up to -80°C. These freezer temperature sensors can come with interchangeable probe options and optional run times, to make sure you are getting the right temperature data at the right time.

For more information about our data loggers for fridges and freezers, or if you would like further advice, get in touch with the Loggershop team. Just call 01929 459459 or email [email protected].