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The Loggershop Guide To Supply Chain Temperature Monitoring

This guide is targeted towards those looking for a supply chain, cold chain and transport temperature monitoring data logger. View the guide below to find a data logger that matches your needs and specifications based on the parameter, connectivity, application and features. We have specifically chosen the best data loggers for this industry and compared their capabilities to help you make an easier yet more informed decision. These data loggers can be used as truck, transport and shipping data loggers and utilised in static and moving environments.

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At Wessex Power, our sister company, we create bespoke temperature monitoring solutions for the supply, cold chain and transport industries. Our solutions include the monitoring device (or data logger), installation, cloud-based control panels, intelligent warning notifications, PDF reports and regulatory compliance. Ideal for larger projects, Wessex Power will design a solution that works for you, so you don’t have to. Make an enquiry or call us on 01929 459459.