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The MadgeTech CurrentX current data logger is available with 4, 8, 12 and 16 channel inputs and is supplied with calibration certificate, USB cable and power supply.

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Current data, available in ranges from 30mA to +/-3 A and in 4/8/12 and 16 channel formats

Large memory

Collect up to 1M data points and download via direct USB connection

Long life battery

Up to 18 months


Product Description

The MadgeTech CurrentX DC current data logger is designed for the precise collection of mA and Amps, with either 4, 8, 12 or 16 channels to choose from. It offers three measuring ranges (30mA, 150mA or 3A) to suit your requirements.

This current data logger can record voltage signals from a range of sources, including transducers, sensors and more. Once you have received your MadgeTech CurrentX, it is simple and quick to set up. Simply connect your sensors/outputs into the three wire screw terminals.

With this current data logger, you can expect robust, user friendly and seamless data logging. It has an impressive capacity of up to 4,192,256 readings, making it suitable for facilities both big and small. To make the most of memory capacity, users can also disable or enable channels as required. Depending on your requirements, you can choose to record in short timespans or over prolonged durations (12-18 months). This current data logger with USB connection facilitates reporting and analysis, which can be exported onto a computer device straight away.

This MadgeTech data logger is compatible with the MT4 software, making it easy to manage your data logging session remotely with everything in one place. Users can download user-friendly graphical or tabular data to analyse current recordings and certify regulatory compliance.

The MadgeTech CurrentX current data logger is supplied with the following:

  • USB cable
  • Power supply
  • Calibration certificate
  • Compatible with MT4 software – available for free download at Loggershop.

For more information about MadgeTech CurrentX, get in touch with our team of experts at Loggershop. Give us a call on 01929 459459 or send an email to [email protected].






Usage Type

Multi use


USB-A to micro USB cable (included); 460,800 baud


CurrentX4 | 4 -Channel Current Data Logger
CurrentX8 | 8 -Channel Current Data Logger
CurrentX12 | 12 -Channel Current Data Logger
CurrentX16 | 16 -Channel Current Data Logger


4-channel: 1,048,064 readings per channel
8-channel: 524,032 readings per channel
12-channel: 349,354 readings per channel
16-channel: 262,016 readings per channel

Sample rate

4 readings a second up to 1 reading every 24 hours


Model Range
30 mA -2 mA to +30 mA
160 mA ±160 mA
3 A ±3 A


Model Accuracy
30 mA ±0.016 mA
160 mA ±0.16 mA
3 A ±0.009 A


Model Resolution
30 mA 0.0005 mA
160 mA 0.005 mA
3 A 0.001 A

Overload Protection (-0.3 V to +3.5 V)

Model Protection
30 mA ±316 mA
160 mA ±1000 mA
3 A ±6 A


Anodized aluminium


Battery 9V lithium
Or mains supply via supplied power adaptor

Battery Life

1 year typical


4-channel: 65.6 mm x 184.2 mm x 31.0 mm
8-channel: 65.6 mm x 184.2 mm x 31.0 mm
12-channel: 65.6 mm x 184.2 mm x 42.7 mm
16-channel: 65.6 mm x 184.2 mm x 54.4 mm


-20°C to +60°C

Operating Conditions



In software


Supplied with calibration certificate

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