By LogTag Data Loggers


Highly customisable & structured user interface with intuitive operation

Automatic download of data when LogTag is inserted into interface

Wide range of export options including PDF, Excel & Web

Automated tasks including emailing multiple recipients & FTP upload

Multi-chart feature for viewing several LogTags simultaneously


Product Description

Free of charge configuration, management and analysis utility for installation on a Windows PC.

LogTag Analyzer is universally compatible with all LogTag temperature and humidity data loggers. This user friendly software utility enables individual or batches of data loggers to be rapidly configured using a new or existing profile saved on your computer network.

Features include;

  • Automatic download and save of data when a LogTag is inserted into the USB interface, to prevent loss of important information.
  • Various export options including .PDF .html .CSV .txt and .ltd
  • Automatic email [SMTP] enables automated distribution of live data from cold chain shipping studies.
  • Automatic Upload [FTP]  ensures globally collected data is accessible, stored and backed up centrally

Collected data is instantly presented in a clear report format, delivering salient information including if collected data is in or or out of acceptable thresholds, min, max, MKT along with start and stop times. Additional analysis is available in the chart/graph, Data/tabular and summary sections.  Additional security is available when using the 21 CFR Part 11 Digital Signatures Support Suite.