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Co2, humidity and temperature wireless TandD data logger for recording temperatures between 0 ~ 55°C, humidity values from 10~ 95% and Co2 from 0 ~ 9999 ppm.

Build a system

Part of a suite of products designed to work as a complete monitoring system

Measurement Range

Temperature 0 to 55 °C, humidity 10 to 95% and 0 - 9999ppm CO2 via supplied sensors

Connection Options

Wireless data collection and optional accessories offer completely flexible LAN/USB/WiFi/GSM connectivity

Real-time data

Automated download with emails alarms and online cloud reporting via the free WebStorageService (WSS)


Product Description

RTR-500 Series:  Wireless radio data logger including LCD display, supplied with integral Co2 sensor and interchangeable plug-in THA-3101 °C/rH sensor.

The RTR-576 can measure and record temperature data from 0 ~ 55°C, humidity values from 10 ~ 95% along with Co2 from 0 ~ 9999 ppm. Will interface with any RTR-500 base station.

This is a building services solution, designed for measuring and recording working conditions. Please contact our sales team if you require either a device for safety or a Co2 incubator solution which are facilitated best with different technologies.

Simply connect your probe and partner your RTR-576 with a designated base station, select from PC and/or on-line software utilities and monitor your data and alarm status of appliances and environments in real-time. Archived data is retained on your server and on-line free of charge with the TandD Webstorage-service.

Create a cost effective - local or global - scaleable network of data loggers with flexible access options via LAN/WLAN/USB and even 4G GSM. Ensuring your data can be reliably retrieved and actioned irrespective of existing I.T. infrastructure.

Supplied as standard with interchangeable THA-3151 and integral Co2 sensor, 4 x AA user replaceable batteries and mains power pack.

RTR-500 Series Features

  • Remotely access your data over the internet for free.
  • Take control and ownership of your data using free issued offline analytical and archiving utilities.
  • Wide range of communication devices including the RTR500-DC handheld data collector for performing spot checks and analysis.
  • Robust and durable design.
  • Accurate and can be recalibrated.
  • User replaceable battery.
  • Optional GxP Validation service including installation.





Carbon Dioxide

Usage Type

Multiple Use


Wireless radio to USB [RTR-500]
Wireless radio to Ethernet LAN [RTR-500NW]
Wireless radio to Wireless LAN Wi-Fi [RTR-500AW]
Wireless radio to GSM 3G [RTR-500MBS]
Wireless radio to Handheld collector [RTR-500DC]

Sensor internal or external

Internal Co2
External temperature and humidity



Sensor type

Thermistor for temperature
Polymer resistance for humidity
NDIR sensor for Carbon Dioxide


8000 reading back-up memory

Sample rate

1 reading a second ~ 1 reading every hour


0°C ~ +55°C
10 ~ 95% rH
0 ~ 9999 ppm


+/- 0.5°C Temperature
+/- 0.5% Humidity
+/- 5% of reading Co2
Contact our calibration department for advice on offset adjustment.


0.1 °C
1% rH
1 ppm


ABS Plastic


User replaceable batteries
Mains power pack

Battery Life

2 days


96mm x 66mm x 46mm with 60mm antenna

Operating Conditions

0°C ~ +45°C


Email when using any RTR-500 base station
SMS text message when using RTR-500MBS
On-line when using the TandD Webstorage-service
On PC when using Current readings utility
Audible/Visual beacon with optional attachment for base station


Free remote internet access
Free offline analytical and reporting utilities
Robust and durable design
Accurate and can be recalibrated
User replaceable battery

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Measurement Range
Connection Options
Real-time data
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