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65mm medium tipped probe, 3.2mm diameter with 1.5M of flat cable.  FDA Food grade probe suitable for insertion into product and liquids.  For use with LogTag TREX, TRED30, UTRED & UTRED30 loggers. Compatible with glycol buffer adapter.

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Sensor - 65mm Steel tip

75mm probe with 65mm long stainless steel tip, 3.2mm diameter

1.5M flat cable

1.5M of flat food safe cable, ideal for appliance door entry.

LogTag std. temperature

Compatible with standard temperature LogTag data loggers [xTRExxx]


Product Description

For use with appliances where the temperature sensor is fed inside and data logger remains outside, a flat cable will minimise heat loss when the door is closed.

The LogTag® ST100 probe range is distinguished from other remote temperature probe types by the blue sleeve blue body at the plug end of the probe cable. All materials at probe end of the cable are FDA food rated, including the cable and terminated with a high quality gold plated MCX connector & industrial strength PTFE coaxial cable.

Model: ST100KF-15

Cable: 1.5M of flat cable
Total Tip Length: 75mm
Stainless steel component is 65mm and 3.2mm diameter
Compatible with TREX, TRED30, UTRED & UTRED30 loggers and Glycol buffer adaptor

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