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The MadgeTech ThermoVaultX high temperature data logger for oven monitoring features both a large memory and fast recording rate. Available with 4 or 8 thermocouple inputs.

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Part of a suite of products designed to work as a complete monitoring system

  • Channel option
  • System Calibration Certificate
* Calibration takes between 3 - 7 business days Add and customise

Rated for High °C

Deploy in environments up to 350 °C. for 25 minutes using supplied thermal shield and probes. Available in 4/8 channel formats.

Large memory

Collect up to 500K data points and download via direct USB connection

Cost Effective

Utilises the free powerful Madgetech software for simple or in-depth analysis. Optional secure software is available for applications that require 21 CFR 11 compliance


Product Description

The X MadgeTech ThermoVaultX temperature data logger has been specially designed to profile high temperatures within ovens. Robust and hard-wearing, this data logger can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 350°C for 25 minutes.

This temperature monitoring device is available with either 4 or 8 thermocouple inputs, making it incredibly versatile to suit your exact requirements. The thermocouple inputs are 72” glass braided sensors of high quality, ideal for validating air temperatures within your facility. Whether you work in the food or medical industry, using a high temperature data logger can help you meet government compliance whilst ensuring you are distributing products that are completely safe.

Not only is this oven data logger powerfully built, it also has fantastic recording speeds of up to 4Hz with 2 million data points. This allows you to record a diverse scope of data quickly for convenience and practicality. It is also easy to connect to a computer device via direct micro USB connection, creating ease when it comes to reporting and analysis of your data. Before placing the temperature data logger within the thermal shield, you can pre-programme it to the settings you require.

Our easy to use MadgeTech MT4 software enables you to set a start time and recording interval prior to the data logging session. All channels can be presented in various formats and exported in your desired format for distribution. Optional secure software enables 21 CFR 11 compliance.

Our experts at Loggershop are more than happy to discuss your application with you, helping you to find the most appropriate solution. Our system calibration service is a great option for those who need further assistance setting up their temperature data logger to adhere to appropriate regulatory requirements.

The MadgeTech ThermoVaultX data logger is supplied with the following equipment:

  • Thermal barrier
  • 72″ glass braided sensors
  • USB cable
  • Power supply
  • Calibration certificate (input only, please select the optional system calibration if sensors need to be calibrated with your data logger)
  • Compatible with MT4 software, which can be downloaded for free at Loggershop.

For more information about the ThermoVaultX temperature data logger, get in touch with our friendly team. Call us on 01929 459459 or send an email to [email protected].






Usage Type

Multi use


USB-A to micro USB cable (included); 460,800 baud

Sensor internal or external



ThermoVaultX4 | PN 901350-00 | 4-Channel Thermocouple Data Logger
ThermoVaultX8 | PN 900437-00 | 8-Channel Thermocouple Data Logger

Sensor type

J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N


4-channel: 524,032 readings per channel
8-channel: 262,016 readings per channel

Sample rate

4 readings a second up to 1 reading every 24 hours

Oven Range

0°C ~ +350°C


J ~ -210 to +760 ~ ±0.5 °C
K ~ -270 to +1370 ~ ±0.5 °C
T ~ -270 to +400 ~ ±0.5 °C
E ~ -270 to +980 ~ ±0.5 °C
R ~ -50 to +1760 ~ ±2.0 °C
S ~ -50 to +1760 ~ ±2.0 °C
B ~ +50 to +1820 ~ ±2.0 °C
N ~ -270 to +1300 ~ ±0.5 °C

* Estimated accuracy, real accuracies established with system calibration


J ~ -210 to +760 ~ 0.1 °C
K ~ -270 to +1370 ~ 0.1 °C
T ~ -270 to +400 ~ 0.1 °C
E ~ -270 to +980 ~ 0.1 °C
R ~ -50 to +1760 ~0.5 °C
S ~-50 to +1760 ~ 0.5 °C
B ~ +50 to +1820 ~0.5 °C
N ~ -270 to +1300 ~ 0.1 °C


Anodized aluminium


Battery 9V lithium
Or mains supply via supplied power adaptor

Battery Life

18 months typical


723 mm x 168 mm x 62 mm Includes handles, brackets and front enclosure latches

Temperature vs time limits

100 ºC 110 minutes
150 ºC 62 minutes
200 ºC 45 minutes
250 ºC 35 minutes
260 ºC 33 minutes
300 ºC 30 minutes
350 ºC 25 minutes

Operating Conditions



In software


Flexible and robust thermocouple data logger with cold junction compensation.

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