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Introducing the TempSen Cloud Online Data Logger Software

TempSen Cloud is an exciting product coming soon to Loggershop. Its modern cloud technology makes reporting with supply chain data loggers a seamless and easily manageable process. Find out more about this online data logger software and how it could improve the visibility of your supply chain.

What is TempSen Cloud?

TempSen Cloud is an online cloud-based data logger software, providing data management services to those deploying TempSen data loggers within their facility. This service is entirely hosted by the cloud, offering secure and easily accessible data management to multiple users across the globe.

Users can access TempSen Cloud on any computer and web browser using their own login and password, making it incredibly easy to manage the supply chain monitoring process from any location. Here users can manage and view their individual data logging sessions, whilst effectively creating and analysing reports all in one place.

What are the benefits of TempSen Cloud?

The TempSen Cloud data logging software can bring facilities an array of benefits throughout the supply chain, such as:

  • Global data access: With this cloud-based data recording software, facilities can create profiles for multiple users. This means users within your facility across the globe can access supply chain data, facilitating data reporting and creating a streamlined approach to data management. Different users can be assigned different roles, therefore certain employees can be given certain levels of access within your facility.
  • Compatible with multiple TempSen data loggers: TempSen Cloud can be used with an array of TempSen supply chain and temperature data loggers, helping you to meet important legislation and compliance.
  • Easy, organised data reporting: TempSen Cloud is the ideal solution for those wanting to restructure and simplify their reporting strategy across the supply chain. The cloud based TempSen software allows users to access key metrics from recent data logging sessions, as well as in depth reports of each data logger configuration profile.
  • Use in conjunction with the TempSen Go app: TempSen Cloud is cleverly linked to the TempSen Go app. Data logger reports can be synced from the cloud directly to the app, making it a quick and convenient way of accessing data on the go.

TempSen data loggers compatible with TempSen Cloud:

For the optimum solution when using the TempSen Cloud temperature logging software, try the Tempod range of TempSen temperature data loggers. With USB compatibility, a broad temperature measurement range and multiple alarm ranges, the Tempod range offers fantastic data logging solutions. Data recorded with this range of temperature data loggers can be easily extracted and uploaded directly to the cloud for global access. See the full range of Tempod data loggers at Loggershop, including the Tempod 100X and Tempod 200X.

Keep an eye out for TempSen Cloud coming soon to Loggershop. For more information about this cloud-based data logger software and how it can transform supply chain monitoring in your business, contact our friendly team of experts. Call 01929 459459 or email and we will be happy to discuss any questions you might have.