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The Benefits of MadgeTech’s UltraShock Data Logger


With an array of temperature and humidity data loggers out there to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one works best for you. That’s why we are here to help! At Loggershop, we want to make it easy for you to choose a data logger to suit the needs and requirements of your industry. MadgeTech have recently released their brand new UltraShock temperature and humidity data logger with an array of useful features to help you meet government legislation.

Measures a diverse range of variables

This new offering from MadgeTech is fantastically diverse since it is a temperature, humidity, pressure and shock data logger. This makes this MadgeTech data logger a fantastic option for a variety of industries, from food to healthcare and medicine.

Large memory capacity

This temperature and humidity data logger has a large memory capacity and promotes large amounts of data collection, recording up to 4,000,000 measurements per variable. Temperature, humidity and pressure are measured and recorded at selected reading rates; however, shock is measured at peak acceleration levels.

Compact size

As this MadgeTech data logger is compact in size, it makes it very easy and simple to use. Plus, this temperature and humidity data logger’s tightly-packed structure means it can be placed in a variety of different locations with ease, no matter how big or small.

Real-time data logging

With real-time data logging abilities, this temperature and humidity data logger makes it easy for you to analyse the data prior to it being downloaded and transferred into a report. A huge advantage of this handy feature is that it offers you the chance to make any adjustments and create actions before the data logging finishes.

USB Reporting

With the MadgeTech UltraShock pressure and shock data logger, you can easily plug it into a USB port for simple, quick and easy reporting with our free software. The user-friendly MadgeTech data logger software means that reports can be created in a click of a button, facilitating data analysis.

To find out more about the MadgeTech UltraShock temperature, humidity and pressure data logger, contact us on 01929 459459 or send an email to [email protected]. Or, simply fill out our enquiry form to receive a response from our friendly team.