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How to Overcome Cold & Supply Chain Environmental Issues with Bosch

Are you a cold or supply chain operator, transporting time-temperature sensitive goods looking for a temperature and humidity monitoring system? The new Bosch TDL100 data logger measures:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Shock
  • Tilt

Making the supply and cold chain transparent. Attach to shipments and data is readily available, viewable via a free mobile app on iPhone and Android phones. Operators can configure the limit of individual parameters so that any violation is traceable and easy to assign throughout the entire supply chain.

The TDL110 Bosch data logger is ideal if you need a monitoring system that:


  • Is cost effective at £79.79
  • Robust with a 2-year battery life
  • Simple, all purpose and reliable
  • Instant data retrieval and distribution via the mobile app


Achieve complete peace of mind and supply chain transparency with the exceptional Bosch quality of this supply and cold chain data logger. Whether you are transporting food, drink, pharmaceutical storage or sensitive shipments, the TDL110 will provide verifiable proof if a parameter threshold is exceeded and give a reliable indication for possible primary or secondary damage.

Even if you have no knowledge of the processes involved in a logistics chain, the TDL is easy to set up and integrate with little effort. The cold and supply chain data logger adds value for every logistical effort, creating trust between partners and provides important data for continuous improvement of logistic processes.

Achieve no parameter violations, and the Bosch data logger provides the evidence of a failure free transport chain!

Learn more by watching the Bosch TDL110 promotional video below:

Purchase the Bosch TDL110 transport data logger online at Loggershop, or call 01929 459459 to speak to an expert in supply chain monitoring systems for bespoke advice suited to your application.