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Flexible fast response probe, 4Hz recording rate, high temperature data logger. Available in 4 probe lengths. Includes ISO17025 calibration certificate at standard points 30 and 140°C

Customise this datalogger

Part of a suite of products designed to work as a complete monitoring system

  • Probe Option
  • Custom 3 point calibration certificate
  • Data interface - Required to download data
  • Mount
  • Surface probe attachment
  • Software upgrade
* Calibration takes between 3 - 7 business days Add and customise

Rated for High °C

Deploy in environments up to 140 °C. Add a thermal shield to operate at 250 °C for a limited time.


Accurate (up to 0.1 °C) and rapid (4Hz) recording of temperatures from -200 to + 260 °C via external flexible probe

ISO17025 Calibration

Tested at +30 and +140 °C and supplied with certificate


Product Description

Requires: IFC400 orIFC406 interface along with free issued MT4 software (see download section)

HiTemp140-FP is a precision (+/-0.1°C) data logger for recording temperatures over a wide range of temperatures. Ideally suited to applications that require a PFA flexible temperature sensor that is easy to place into a desired location or product within Lyophilization and autoclave processes.

Includes ISO17025 calibration certificate at standard points 30 and 140°C

Configure a single HiTemp140-FP using the IFC400 interface or multiple data loggers with the IFC406 multiplexer. Stainless steel, submersible IP68 construction enables the operation in environments between -40°C and +140°C (with no time limit) or -60°C to +260°C for a limited time, using the TSK shield.

Utilise the trigger threshold to start recording once a user defined threshold has been breached to avoid collecting irrelevant data.

There are two methods for setting up multiple data loggers for a single validation exercise, using the batch start function.

A batch start is the same as ‘custom start’ but instead of the configuration window closing after configuring one data logger it remains open and automatically applies the same settings to each additional data logger that is inserted into the interface.

  • [Method 1] Batch start, with a single IFC400 interface or [Method 2] Batch start, with a multiplexer IFC406 interface.

Once the validation exercise has been concluded, wait for the data loggers to cool down or warm up and insert them back into the interface. Using MT4 software and 'workflows' to automatically download and save data before generating customised reports and performing analytical functions, including:

  • Graphical temperature vs. time with threshold analysis
  • Table of temperature vs. time data
  • Statistical evaluation
    • Maximum
    • Minimum
    • Average
    • Change over time
    • F0
    • PU

Compatible with the HiTemp140 range of products and accessories which encompass the demand for reliability and high performance at reasonable prices.

Calibration Certificate

  • Standard calibration: 30 and 140°C to MFG specification.
  • Custom calibration: 3 user defined points across measuring or operating range with option to exceed MFG specification.
  • ISO17025 calibration available on request.






Usage Type



USB via interface

Sensor internal or external




Sensor type

PFA flexible RTD probe x 0.1" diameter available in 6/12/36 and 72" lengths


65,536 readings

Sample rate

4 readings a second ~ 60 minutes


-200°C ~ + 260°C


-60 °C to +260°C ±0.1 °C

Response time

Response Time Slow Moving Air 63% = 30 seconds
Response Time Slow Moving Air 90% = 70 seconds
Response Time Water 63% = 3.5 seconds
Response Time Water 90% = 6.5 seconds




316 Stainless Steel


User replaceable battery

Battery Life

1 year typical (1 minute reading rate at 25 °C/77 °F)


Data logger 2.95" x 0.97"



Operating Conditions

-40 °C ~ +140 C
-60°C ~ +250°C (With Thermal Shield)
4Bar pressure


Rapid sampling and recording
Suitable for use in autoclaves
Compatible with thermal shield for use in extreme temperatures
21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
Precise temperature data logging
Batch configuration with multiplexer

Readings in Trigger Mode


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