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The UTREL30 -90°C min/max (30 day summary) vaccine temperature data logger is equipped with a connector for an external temperature sensor, LCD display and audible alert USB connection.

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  • Select probe option
  • Calibration certificate
  • Bracket
* Calibration takes between 3 - 7 business days Add and customise

Records -90 °C

Up to 8000 temperature readings over a range of -90 to +40 °C from interchangeable remote probe

LCD Display

The display allows immediate viewing of current and min/max /alarm, daily entries over a 30 day period

Audible Alarm

Integrated audible alarm triggered if readings outside pre-set limits are breached


Product Description

The UTREL30 low temperature vaccine data logger is a -90°C storage monitoring solution with a detailed LCD display, delivering current and historical temperature information locally via its interface and buttons.

Users can access a 30 day LCD summary of all of their data, making it quick and easy to certify safe temperature thresholds within vaccine packages. Choose to configure this ultra-low temperature data logger with a profile, where you can set recording intervals and alarm thresholds. This allows you to dictate how frequently a temperature reading is recorded, but also stay alert of any temperature thresholds so action can be taken immediately. Temperatures exceeding acceptable limits trigger both a flashing light and audible warning.

Use this vaccine data logger to periodically download temperature data via USB for audit and analysis.

Requires ST10 probe to record temperature and a WB02 bracket if the UTREL30 is being mounted on a wall or appliance.

If you have any further questions about the UTREL30 low temperature data logger for vaccine monitoring, contact our friendly team at Loggershop – we’d be happy to help! Call us on 01929 459459 or email [email protected].






Usage Type

Multiple Use



Sensor internal or external




Sensor type


Internal Storage Memory

(112days at 10 min recording interval)

LCD Display

Current temperature
30 day Min/Max
Status of 1~6 alarms

Sample rate

30 seconds ~ 60 minutes

Measuring Range

-90°C ~ +40°C


Better than ±0.5°C for -20°C to +10°C
Better than ±0.7°C for -50°C to -20°C and +10°C to +30°C
Better than ±1°C for -80°C to -50°C and +30°C to +40°C
Better than ±1.8°C for -90°C to -80°C

Actual performance is typically much better than the rated values. Please see the Rated Absolute Accuracy chart above.
Accuracy figures can be improved by re-calibration.


0.1°C for measurements -80°C to 0°C
0.2°C for measurements 10°C to 20°C and -90°C to -80°C
0.3°C for measurements 18°C to 30°C
0.5°C for measurements 30°C to 40°C




AAA battery up to 12 months.
If unit is operated without a power supply.
Secondary coin cell battery to protect stored data.


123mm (H) x 63mm (W) x 12.5mm (T)

Environment rating

IP51 (when vertically mounted or hung with USB dust-cap in place).

Operating Conditions

-30°C ~ +60°C

Alarm limits

Three configurable upper and three configurable lower alarms.

Computer Requirements

Windows PC

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