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The Shock300 shock and vibration data logger is a fantastic multi-application offering from MadgeTech. With a robust and compact build, this vibration monitoring system is well suited to monitoring the movement of fragile products during transit. With new and exciting features such as a rechargeable battery and 20~90 day data logging, this shock data logger is a fantastic option for a wide variety of industries.


Acceleration over three user selectable ranges +/- 15g, +/- 100g, +/- 300 g.

Rapid Recording

1024 Hz to 5 minutes for shock, selectable in software."

Rechargeable battery

Up to 90 days at 64Hz rate.


Product Description

Shock300 is the latest dynamic vibration monitoring system from MadgeTech, delivering a multi-application solution in one compact anodised aluminium housing. This shock data logger replaces legacy offerings (Shock101/SVR101/TSR101), enabling users to purchase one device capable of performing a wide variety of tasks.

This MadgeTech movement and impact data logger has an array of exciting new features, all designed to improve user experience when monitoring shock and vibration of fragile products in transit.

  • Memory capacity has been expanded to 3.5MB and battery life has been extended, enabling users to programme the Shock300 data logger to collect data for 20~90 days (64hz recording interval).
  • Batteries no longer need replacing, the internal lithium battery pack included in the shock300 vibration monitoring system is rechargeable using the supplied cable.
  • Bespoke interfaces are no longer required, saving money and adding convenience. Users now have the option to connect standard C-type USB cables to this shock and vibration data logger, in order to configure and retrieve data.
  • Multiple range options enable users to maximise the accuracy and resolution of data.
  • This impact data logger is compatible with the free and powerful MT4 software package, which can be downloaded on our website.

The high quality of collected data and analytical functions of the data logger software make this data logger ideal for companies looking to understand the environmental conditions their products are exposed to during transportation in the supply chain.

This transport data logger provides you with compliance and legislation, supplied with a declaration of conformance for shock.

To learn more about the MadgeTech shipping shock data logger and its specific features, contact our friendly team on 01929 459459 today. Alternatively, send us an enquiry form and we will aim to get back to you the same day!





Tri-Axial Shock

Usage Type

Multi use


USB (type C cable required); 1MBaud

Sensor internal or external



4,192,254 readings
(1,397,418 per channel)

Sample rate

>1000 Hz (15 g)
>500 Hz (100 g, 300 g)

Reading Rate

1024 Hz to 5 minutes for shock, selectable in software.


Shock : ±15, ±100, ±300


Shock : ±15: ±0.3g / ±100: ±2g / ±300: ±6g


Shock : ±15: 0.02 / ±100: 0.05 / ±300: 0.2


Anodized aluminum


Internal Lithium Ion pack (2 x NCR18650B )+ charger included

Battery Life

20-90 days dependent on user settings (reading rate, trigger level, peak or instantaneous)


86 mm x 43 mm x 33 mm

Operating Conditions

-20 °C to +60 °C, 0 %RH to 95 %RH non-condensing


Rugged Tri-Axial Shock data logger

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