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Extreme temperature thermal shield for HiTemp140FP and PT temperature data loggers. Durable enclosure allows time limited operation at temperatures between –200°C to +400°C.


Product Description

The ThermoVault Max Extreme Temperature Thermal Shield is designed to protect compatible MadgeTech data loggers during exposure to very high temperatures. This thermal shield is extremely practical for data loggers used in hot ovens for temperature validation methods, such as dry heat sterilization and depyrogenation. It is compatible with the HiTemp140 range of MadgeTech products, making it a completely versatile option.

With a durable and robust stainless steel casing, this temperature shield for data loggers ensures your HiTemp140 product remains fully protected. It offers time vs temperature protection, temporarily extending the operating range of your temperature data logger to between -200°C and +400°C. The ThermoVault Max is also completely waterproof with the TMAX Wet Seal kit, allowing you to comply with IP68 regulations.

Other features and benefits of the ThermoVault Max thermal shield:

  • Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 regulation
  • Explosion-proof and ATEX certified
  • Easy to set up with your HiTemp140 data logger
  • Durable and high quality for long-term use

Requires: HiTemp140FP or PT with 36″ probe length

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