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The TR75A by T&D data loggers allows users to access data via Cloud or PC using a Wi-Fi or USB connection.

Customise this datalogger

Part of a suite of products designed to work as a complete monitoring system

  • Calibration certificate
  • Probes
  • Mounting bracket
* Calibration takes between 3 - 7 business days Add and customise

Measuring Range

-200 to 1370 °C via 1 to 2 thermocouple sensors

Connection Options

Bluetooth setup with wireless data collection via WiFi or standalone operation via USB

Real-time data

Automated download with emails alarms and online cloud reporting via the free WebStorageService (WSS)


Product Description

Free – Online Cloud Interface and data storage

Free – Mobile Application (APP) for iOS and Android

Utilise your existing Wi-Fi network to create a wireless temperature data logging and alarm monitoring system with the TR75A thermocouple temperature data logger.

Connect K, J, T, E, S and R type thermocouples to the two input channels and interface with your TR75A in the field using the built-in Bluetooth functionality and an iOS or Android compatible mobile device.

Use this battery or mains powered data logger to display, gather and save temperature data monitored by one or two substitutable temperature sensors (not supplied). Through use of the integral USB connector, historical data can be exported directly to a PC. Alternatively, users can extract real-time data to a mobile device using the Wi-Fi module, as long as the device runs iOS, Android or hosts an internet connection and browser.

This 2-channel data logger possesses a sizeable LCD display that alternates between the last temperature reading recorded by probe 1 and probe 2, accompanied by the recording, network and battery percentage.

An application specific temperature probe can be connected to your temperature USB and Wi-Fi data logger. For instance, our PR11 probe is perfectly matched for use at extreme temperatures (liquid nitrogen and ovens). Add numerous data loggers until all monitoring points have been concealed. Then, your data and alarm conditions can be examined from a central location via the T&D cloud utility named ‘Webstorage-service’.

Dissimilar to other manufacturers offered by Loggershop and our competitors, T&D provide free application and cloud storage utilities with zero contracts or restrictions. Usually, costs associated with these central cloud services is billed monthly or annually. Thus, this should always be taken in mind when calculating the T&D cost of ownership versus any other alternative networked solution.


  • Wi-Fi (WLAN)
  • Direct via USB
  • Bluetooth
  • Online using free cloud storage utility
  • Local network using free Data Server software
  • 3rd party software via free Dynamic Link Library (DLL)

Alternative powering options

  • 5v 200mA USB power supply

Compatibility and expansion

As well as a limitless number of TR75A data loggers that can be situated at any geographical location, once allocated to ‘Webstorage-service’ you can add of the subsequent data logging solutions:

  • TR71A Thermistor temperature data loggers
  • TR72A Humidity and temperature data loggers

Compatibility mobile applications

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For more information about this thermocouple data logger, contact our friendly team at Loggershop today. Give us a call on 01929 459459 or email [email protected].






Usage Type

Multiple use


Wireless LAN

Sensor internal or external




Sensor type




Sample rate

1 reading a second ~ 1 reading an hour


Probes supplied extra at cost.

K -199 ~ 1370 °C
J -199 ~ 1200 °C
T -199 ~ 400 °C
E -199 ~ 1000 °C
S -50 ~ 1760 °C
R -50 ~ 1760 °C


K, J, T, E ± (0.5 °C + 0.3 % of reading) at 100°C or above.
S, R ± (1.5 °C + 0.3 % of reading) at 100°C or above.

Cold Junction Compensation
±0.5°C at 10 to 40 °C.
±0.8°C at other temperatures within the operating environment of the logger.

Resolution: K, J, T, E


Resolution: S, R



ABS plastic


Internal battery
USB power supply

Battery Life

10 days ~ 1 year

10 days when Auto-upload Interval is 1 min,
7 months when 1 hr,
1 year when 12 hrs or more.


58mm x 78mm x 26mm

Operating Conditions

-10°C ~ +60°C
<90% rH




Cloud data storage
Globally accessible data
Networked data
Automatic download
Free software
Email alerts
LCD display

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