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The uTRED30 WiFi temperature data logger includes all the features and benefits of the uTRED30-16 plus the ability to upload data in real time via a local WiFi network to a cloud platform.

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Part of a suite of products designed to work as a complete monitoring system

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Part of a suite of products designed to work as a complete monitoring system

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Appliance Guardian

16000 looped temperature readings over a range of -40 to +99 °C from interchangeable remote probe

Real-time data

Automated download with alarm management reporting via LogTag Online TM


Audible, Visual, email and SMS on temperature and power triggers


Product Description

Requires a probe and LogTag Online account (LTO)

The uTRED30 WiFi temperature data logger features real time reporting, with automated download and alert reporting. All data can be uploaded via LogTag Online for unlimited access to those with permissions across the world. Ensure parameters are upheld with the alarm and alarm ‘pause’ function via LED or audible alerts. The LogTag WiFi data logger is powered by 2 AAA batteries or a power supply.

uTRED30 WiFi Temperature Data Logger Features:

  • New large easy-to-read display
  • Read current temperature and latest min-max temperature at a glance
  • User can check and re-set min-max temperature reading at any time
  • Flashing red LED and audible alarm signals a temperature alarm
  • Read alarm status for up to 30 days at a glance
  • Data uploaded via WiFi to a cloud server in real time
  • Powered via a standard plug-in power adaptor and a USB cable
  • Powered by 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries (user replaceable) if external power is not available
  • Second battery back-up via a coin cell to ensure no data is lost even if the power source and Alkaline batteries fail.
  • Download data via LogTag Analyzer data logger software or directly to a PDF report (no software required) in case of a WiFi outage