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ShockWatch Data Loggers

Browse a range of ShockWatch temperature indicators to protect product shelf life and reduce package costs. We stock a selection of single use WarmMark temperature indicators and ColdMark freeze indicator strips that change colour when exposed to temperatures which could potentially damage product quality or integrity. Purchase ShockWatch WarmMark and ColdMark temperature indicators at Loggershop here.

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ShockWatch Data Loggers

Ascending temperature indicators

Provide evidence that product has been exposed to elevated temperatures that impact on product quality.

  • Low cost
  • Simple operation
  • Easy to read

Low temperature and Freeze indicators

Clearly indicate when vaccines have been shipped at temperatures that descended below a low temperature trigger threshold. Or when controlled room temperature, ambient shipments have been incorrectly shipped at chilled, cold chain temperatures.

  • Prove shipments have been frozen
  • No activation required
  • Validated

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