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3 Benefits Of The LogTag TRIX 8 Data Logger

When it comes to monitoring temperature data, whatever the purpose, being able to rely on your equipment is key. The LogTag TRIX 8 Data Logger is an established standard device for dependable collection of temperature data.

The TRIX-8 is used throughout the NHS for monitoring freezer, fridge, and incubator temperatures. But it’s not only used in healthcare. It’s also ideal for creating temperature-mapping surveys for temperature-sensitive products. Or even monitoring building and storage conditions for workers.

The LogTag TRIX-8 is a highly efficient and widely used temperature recorder. It’s also the best value temperature data logger currently on the market. Here, we’ll outline the three main benefits of this device.

Compact Design

The TRIX 8 is a USB data logger with clear visual cues and alarms to show temperature status. The red and green LEDs on the logger will alert to whether collected data is in or out of acceptable, pre-determined thresholds.

Not only this, but it’s the same size as a credit card. Thin and compact, the TRIX 8 is small enough to send in the post.

Wide Temperature Range

Temperature data loggers have a responsibility to record a wide variety of temperatures. This is to ensure the safety of their applications.

The LogTag TRIX 8 has a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C with its integral temperature sensor. This makes it the perfect cost-effective solution for healthcare and storage conditions monitoring.

It has an 8000 temperature reading memory, recording time-stamped temperature readings for audit and analysis. With its 30-second – 60-minute sample rate, the TRIX 8 data logger’s sensors ensure the correct environmental temperatures are measured and recorded quickly and effectively.

Robustness & Durability

The TRIX 8 LogTag data logger has an IP65 design, housed in a robust casing. This can increase to IP67 rating with a protective enclosure. The polycarbonate material is tough and impact-resistant.

Its fixed 3V battery can provide between 365-900 days of battery life. You can rely on it to continuously monitor temperature ratings so you can put your mind to other things.

The LogTag TRIX-8 is currently the best-value temperature recorder on the market, and is available from just £18.79 at Loggershop. To order or learn more, visit the TRIX-8’s product page, or contact us today. For more information on LogTag Data Loggers, take a look at our website. Alternatively, if you’re looking for information on temperature recorders, read our Guide to Temperature Data Loggers.