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Pressure Data Loggers And Their Applications

What are Pressure Data Loggers?

Pressure data loggers are portable digital devices designed for the continuous measurement of pressure data. As a standard, pressure loggers are compact battery-powered instruments that come equipped with an integrated pressure sensor.

Pressure Data Logger Applications

Pressure sensor data loggers are widely used within a number of industries, such as medical and pharmaceutical laboratories food industry, museums, transportation, and more.

Some of the most notable applications include:

  • Foods canning
  • Beverage production, including wine and soda
  • Pharmaceuticals, including autoclave sterilization
  • Monitoring and testing compressed gas systems
  • Pressurisation process monitoring
  • Atmospheric laboratory conditions monitoring

Things To Consider When Selecting a Pressure Logger

Pressure range

Pressure will range from application to application, therefore it’s important to select a pressure sensor data logger that covers the appropriate range.


Choose an appropriately sized data logger depending on the application. Small-size pressure loggers are generally recommended for autoclaves to leave more room.

External probe

A data logger with an external probe might be required, depending on the size and shape of the things to be measured.

Shop for the best pressure loggers at Loggershop

At Loggershop, we supply a variety of pressure loggers from market-leading manufacturers such as MadgeTech .

Choose from a range of professionally manufactured pressure data loggers, including:

Temperature and Pressure Data Loggers

Some data loggers have been developed for controlling both temperature and humidity conditions. In addition to the pressure sensor, these loggers also feature an external temperature probe.

Autoclave Pressure Data Loggers

These pressure data loggers are specifically designed for autoclave pressure validation and are able to record data in high-temperature environments of up to +140°C. The MadgeTech PR140 pressure data logger is one of the best options we recommend for use to validate autoclave sterilisation.

Real-Time Pressure Data Loggers

Facilities may easily monitor the pressure of a variety of appliances in real-time with the help of real-time pressure data loggers. These pressure loggers come equipped with a wireless module that transmits data back to a receiver and enables you to generate reports and make control changes as you go. This allows facility managers to have better visibility into their processes, ensuring that they are validated safely and comply with all necessary regulations.

If you’d like to learn more about pressure data loggers and their applications, contact our friendly team of specialists at Loggershop. Call us on 01929 459459 or email [email protected] . We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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