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7 Exciting Features of the New LogTag Software

Following a long beta testing period, the new LogTag software has been released! This update has some great new features including automatic data download and a highly customisable user interface. Loggershop will now be configuring all LogTag data loggers, free of charge, with LogTag Analyzer Software. As a result, we’ve put together a list of the 7 most exciting features to expect. Read more to discover how the new LogTag software will improve your data collection.

LogTag software overview

Version 3 of the LogTag software delivers all the same functionality as the long serving version 2, shown in a modern format compatible with the latest operating systems. Our excitement comes from the way it performs the functions we perform daily.

The 7 exciting new features of the LogTag software, version 3:

  1. When managing lots of LogTag data loggers, the new action page gives a clearer indication of the parameters being set-up and monitored.logtag-november-blog-1
  2. The icons provide a visible indication on the status of the connected LogTag data loggers.logtag-november-blog-2
  3. One of our favourite features is the functionality for the forthcoming Wi-Fi solution has been integrated.
  4. Accelerate the time spent preparing your data loggers with profiles. Create a configuration profile for exercises that you are likely to repeat, such as the shipping of time-temperature sensitive products at 2~8°C.
    You can set your alarm limits and recording interval and save the profile as 7-day chilled shipment. These profiles can be exported and imported into computers of all users to ensure everyone within your organisation is operating in a uniform manor.logtag-november-blog-4
  5. The graphical handling components of the software have been enhanced making it easier to manipulate data collected by multiple LogTag data loggers.logtag-november-blog-5
  6. Annotation options now include arrows to help point out specific data points or events on your graphs.logtag-november-blog-6
  7. Reporting options now output both single and multiple data logger PDFs along with discernible tabular data that clearly shows critical information. It also allows you to view multi-day reports in 24hr blocks.logtag-november-blog-7

Additional LogTag software features:

  • Automatic download of data when your LogTag data logger is inserted into the interface. It saves straight away to ensure no data is lost.
  • Choose from a wide range of export options including PDF, Excel & Web.
  • Streamline process and set-up automated tasks such as emailing multiple recipients & FTP upload.

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