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MadgeTech 4 Data Logger Software Gets New Update

The noun “software” isn’t always welcomed; it’s another programme to download and familiarise yourself with. However, the MadgeTech Data Logger Software can help you to streamline your processes and optimise your data using the customisable features available.

Manage all data from multiple data loggers in one place, making collecting mass data easier and better managed.

One of the superior features of MadgeTech data loggers is that they collect and present you with a vast array of measurement parameters, including: humidity, voltage and temperature, as well as pressure, shock and current. Due to the array of data collected by their data loggers, their data logger software tool is built to manage, optimise and present the data to suit the reports you are required to produce for validation.

The features of MadgeTech data logger software include:

  • Electronic signatures – The Audit Trail records all actions on the software by each user, which includes what files were saved, printed or downloaded and who has logged in. They are time and date stamped to help tracking.
  • Password protected – You can set a password for each data logger to restrict ‘Properties’ modifications.
  • Set ‘Triggers’ – Configure your data loggers to start or stop recording when the desired threshold is achieved

In addition, the MadgeTech software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, meeting the requirement standard.

MadgeTech have recently updated their software to MadgeTech 4.2, which is free to download from their website. A few of the great new features include:

  • Cooling flags – Track if specific temperature thresholds are met by creating ‘cooling flags’ to appear and be clearly visible to help manage actions.
  • Workflows – This element enables you to create and automated tasks to help you to better allocate your time. It can auto-run reports, data downloads and more.
  • Annotations – Add annotations to your data to easily record essential information in one place.

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